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STEELPAINT – since 1992 in Russia

Materials Steelpaint

Application area

  • Objects of transport infrastructure;
  • Hydraulic engineering structures;
  • Oil and gas equipment;
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair;
  • Objects of civil construction.

Reliable supervision at all stages of work

Our experts are always ready to support you

Stage 1

Steelpaint experts will help to make a competent choice of the coating system, regarding the requirements for the corrosion protection and operating conditions or for the structures at the stage of their design.

Stage 2

Steelpaint experts provide technical support for Steelpaint materials application: recommendations on the choice of the equipment and its operating modes, recommendations for the necessary surface preparation and application in accordance to their properties.

Stage 3

We monitor the objects protected by the Steelpaint coating systems and examine the condition of the systems during their service life.


More than 30 years of the leading position in the world market of anticorrosive coatings

The geography of the use of materials of the company Steelpaint in Russia